Xamarin iOS FAQ

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description: Various problems that individuals will encounter when compiling and deploying to Xamarin iOS
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study notes


  1. Since every time you upload to the store, you may encounter unpredictable situations (as placed by Apple), so it is best to upload a new version one week before the APP expires!
  2. As long as the Testflight APP has not expired, the original version number can be used, as long as the Build Number is accumulated, so that the user does not even need to reload the App, and of course you don't have to wait for Apple's review.
  3. It takes about two to three days for the audit to take ten days.

Visual Studio 2019 (Windows) + macOS on VMWare Workstation Pro

Q: Upload keeps writing "altool" exited with code 1.?

It may be that the APP-specific password is wrong, or the SDK has expired, so update XCode and Visual Studio.
Visual Studio can't see the exact error. If you want to know the exact error, you need to go to XCode > Windows > Orgnizer on macOS and upload it yourself.
The last screen will write the reason.

Q: The Provisioning Profile is gone? Can I use Automatic without a subscription?

delete %localappdata%\Temp\Xamarin\XMA folder, restart VS.

Q: I can't upload to store in MACOS either, so I want a new SDK now?!

Congratulations, you have to retrain it as a cut off - please download the dmg of the new version of the operating system through the current macOS, and then directly convert it to an iso file in macOS. Please don't use dmg2iso for Windows, I tried that and failed.
Don't download the VMWARE IMG on the Internet. It is for people who don't have macOS to download the operating system first. In practice, there will be a lot of bugs, or it will be very stuck. And it can't be updated, so it's not good to simply download the official pure latest version?
After the OS is done, please download the latest XCode. Then update Visual Studio on the Windows side (VS version number and XCode are interdependent, once you upgrade, you can't downgrade, and you can't find detailed historical versions on the Internet for download!).
Then take a look at Microsoft's teaching, which is basically to generate a new Provisioning Profile and Certificate. Both VS and XCODE must be downloaded manually to see if they appear on the list. MacOS restarted, VS restarted, and the XMA folder was deleted.

Q: %localappdata%\Temp\Xamarin\XMA Unable to delete, file in use?

Use job administrator to end Broker and IOS or something, and use Process Hacker 2 to search for XMA at a glance.

Q: How long is the iOS Release Build!?

Calm down~ Come back in ten minutes. It is normal for Debug to be faster, probably because the CPU instruction set is different, and it is normal for ARM to be slower than X86.

Q: Upload To Store shows empty Profile and Certificate

The certificate generated by MacOS is bound to the operating system, so please go to Apple's Developer Account to generate a new Profile and Certificate.
For the newly generated Profile, you need to open XCode yourself and enter the setting options to download the Profile, and Visual Studio also needs to enter the setting options to download.

Q: Authenticate Service is not available.

A1: Too frequent operations, locked by Apple for one hour.
A2: Enter the Developer Account to see if you want to accept the new terms of use. If you don't accept it, this message will be displayed.

Q: After MacOS generates a new Certificate, VS displays Not in keychain?

That is to say, there is no keychain in MacOS, so please download from the end of the Certificate creation page and then double-click to import the Keychain to Login. Do not put in System or iCloud.

Q: Strange, I have already put it in Login, that Certificate does not show Valid but shows error in red?

The Developer Relations Intermediate Certificate may have expired, and Apple sometimes renews this. so go by yourself
https://www.apple.com/certificateauthority/AppleWWDRCAG3.cer Download, and then double-click import, and then repeat the steps to generate a Certificate.
refer to: https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/662300

Q: It is strange that I can connect to MacOS, but when I build, Archive or Distribute, it shows that I cannot connect to macOS?

delete %localappdata%\Temp\Xamarin\XMA folder, restart VS and macOS.


Using Windows' Visual Studio with VMWare's macOS is a good partner of CP.
This year I persuaded the company to purchase M1 Mac Mini 16G/512G 1G, the compilation is really much faster! And the emulator opens in seconds.
The downside is that currently I can only use Visual Studio Community for Mac
Because it's not like a Windows platform, Visual Studio Enterprise has everything Google has(?)

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