Transfer images from iOS Illustail to Synology NAS with one click

needs, target audience

  1. People who use the iOS version of Illustail, or people who usually like to capture Booru and Twitter pictures.
  2. There is Qunhui NAS.
  3. There is not enough space on the iOS device.

What is Illustail

Illustail is an iOS App specially used to browse, download, and search Booru photo sites on the Internet. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, and you can easily save pictures to your device or cloud space. Illustail supports a variety of photo sites, including TINAMI, Danbooru, Tumblr, Twitter, Misskey, and Mastodon.
Comes with iOS desktop gadgets, which can be used to embellish your desktop.

In short, Illustail is a tool to help you color in iOS.

There are ads in the free version, and you can choose to pay to remove them to support the app author.


My iPad storage is filling up quickly! And the only cloud storage option Illustail offers in 2023 is Dropbox. And the Dropbox free version is only 4.75 GB, which is not enough at all~~

Isn't it a pity that I have a huge Synology NAS but can't use it!?
So this article briefly describes how to use the built-in kit of Synology NAS, no need to type commands, a fool can set it up!


  1. Go to the package center of Synology NAS to install Cloud Sync.
  2. Enable Cloud Sync and add Dropbox backup job.
  3. Make detailed settings.
    • Connection Name is easy to identify by itself;
    • Local path Set the NAS destination folder you want to save;
    • Remote path Set the folder on Dropbox that you want Illustail to upload.
    • Sync direction is set to Download remote changes only.
    • Check Don't remove files in the destination folder when they are removed in the source folder.
    • Schedule settings Set the work schedule time, I tick it all.
  4. After setting, you can adjust some details, such as how often polling seconds should be detected. I was setting 60 seconds. The shorter the set time, the busier your NAS will be.
  5. Back to Illustail, set the shared upload destination to the designated folder of Dropbox. This is done!
  6. Let's try the upload function of Illustail and see if there is a corresponding picture on your NAS.
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