Broadlink RM Mini 3 and Google Home Voice Control Quick Notes

RM Mini 3 launched by Broadlink

You can refer to this unpacking and setting tutorial. Especially the "scene" function mentioned in the latter part of the article.

The newly added scene, if you link "Bolian" to Google Home, will appear in the daily schedule (Routine),
It can be used as a remote control interface for Nest Hub, and the set keywords will become voice commands.

Operation example

Bolian added a new scene "Taiwan TV News Station", which corresponds to the MOD remote control

5-> [delay 0.5 seconds] ->-> [delay 0.5 seconds] ->3

Then say "Hey Google, activate TTV News Channel" to Google AI, and Broadlink RM Mini 3 will transfer the MOD to TTV News.
Google AI will reply: "OK, starting the TV news station".

This "activation" is a Google-mandated callsign, but there are ways to bypass it and set a more natural command:
"Sound louder", "View program information", etc.

The method is also very simple, as long as you enter the "Daily Schedule" of Google Home to set another set of daily schedules, choose a callsign you like, and then correspond to the "Start XXXXX" command of Bolian.

It is recommended to buy an HDMI switcher that supports infrared, so that even the source switching can be controlled by voice!

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