Shippiddge Animation | Rookie Team 09: Lizard Killer

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title: Shippiddge Animation | Rookie Team 09: Lizard Killer
date: 2019-10-01 14:57 +8
description: Pokémon animation made with heart by Shippiddge!
What do the English phrases in the film mean?
Frog Seeds love puns?
What is "I am all wet"?
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Violent creatures, fish and meat villagers... Only the warriors come forward and destroy the monsters can save the world!

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To avoid spoilers, it is recommended to watch the movie before reading further.












study notes


Thank steve diamondlover,
I heard the wrong line
The correct sentence is It might be cruel,
Means "maybe this is cruel"

I heard wrong You might be cool,
Means "maybe you're cool"

I am all wet!
I'm too watery

It means "I was terribly wrong".
But because the frog seed just fell into the puddle, it made the fun of the pun.
Too watery means to take too casually/soak in water. It's not the Taiwanese word for "water" beautiful.

Part of a complete breakfast!
eat the emperor

Ads for American Breakfast Corn Chips.
Means "Part of the perfect breakfast!"Your breakfast won't be perfect without buying his nachos
And here, the frog seeds just became part of the "lunch".
Since there is no such advertisement in Taiwan, I translated it as "Eat the Emperor" according to the situation.

It is great to 'bee' here!
It is me-bee, an honor!

Common English Sentences: It's great to be here!
It means "It feels good to be here!"
me-bee takes the Chinese homonym, bee.

As I live and 'buzz'!
It's really "bee"!

Common English Phrases: As I live and breath
A formal use for expressing surprise.
The Chinese take the homonym of "mad" and "bee" for madness.

insert song

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Another MV uploaded by the original author Pierce Shipp (Shippiddge)
I can also make another MV version if needed.

Listen on Soundcloud

"Rock Smasher"
"Rolling Stone Destruction King"

Chinese word/translation:Hollen9

Ah~~~~~~~~ Ahh~ You can't fight back if you mutilate your weak body, and end all fears, crush you with your fists, you have no chance of winning! You are finished~~~~~~ ㄢ~~~ I hate you to the bottom of my bones and despair swallows you and beats you so much that you can't even feel the pain! See what your patience is! Don't think about a miracle, admit fate, hide the reckoning of sins from heaven, kill people without forgiveness, and pay off blood debts. You - will be buried here! No one will miss~~~~~~ㄢ~~~ㄢ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kill x6 (whispering) Kill! ! ! (highlights) Kill! ! x16 The taste of death is right in front of you, you can't escape, I can see the end of the road, and the last blow will send you to Huangquan.

original lyrics

Slaughtering all who are smaller And too weak to resist Your reign of terror is over I'll crush all your bones with my fist! Break every bone in your body! You can't win this time. You can't win this time. I will end your life! I will end your life! You are the one we despise Now it's time for your demise You'll soon feel the brunt, of a force hard and blunt. It's time to cut you down to size. This fight you will never win. I'll cleanse the world of your sin. You murder and lie, for no reason why There's no turning back. It's time. To. Die. Now is the time to die. Hundreds of innocents slaughtered Most in their physical prime. Most in their prime. You killed as you ravaged their homelands Now you will pay for your crimes. Now , you will pay for the crime you committed. Your funeral's been penned. Your death day has been decided No one will attend! But no one will mourn! Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahaha DIE..!..!..!..! DIE..! ..! ..! ..! Your time has come. Your time has come. Your end is near. You cannot hide. I smell your fear. You're cornered now. Say your goodbye One final strike this The last blow Now you will- will make you die. Die