Resolving the Black Screen Issue When Switching to Desktop Mode on Steam Deck

When you encounter a black screen while attempting to switch to desktop mode on your Steam Deck, it can be a frustrating experience. However, there's a straightforward solution that can help resolve this issue. Here's a step-by-step guide to fixing the problem:


  1. Switching Accounts:

    • Start by logging into a new Steam account through the game interface.
    • Switch to desktop mode using this new account.
    • If the switch is successful, proceed to delete all files (excluding folders) located in Home/.local/share/kscreen and Home/.local/share/kscreen/outputs.
    • For safety, instead of deleting, you may choose to cut and backup these files elsewhere before removing them from the original location.
    • After backing up, switch back to the game mode, log into the original account that was experiencing issues, and try switching to desktop mode again. The problem should now be resolved.
  2. For Users with Decky Extension Framework Installed:

    • Ensure that you have the Decky Extension Framework installed and have set up a root password beforehand.
    • Install the Decky Terminal extension.
    • Execute sudo -i to log in as root, then run the following commands:
      cd /home/deck/.local/share/kscreen
      rm *
      cd /home/deck/.local/share/kscreen/outputs
      rm *
    • After executing these commands, close the Terminal and attempt to enter desktop mode again; the issue should be fixed.
    • It's recommended to create a script file named fix.sh containing the above commands and store it in /home/deck/. Remember to make the script executable with the command sudo chmod +x /home/deck/fix.sh.

By following these steps, you should be able to overcome the black screen issue on your Steam Deck and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

當您在嘗試切換至 Steam Deck 的桌面模式時遇到黑畫面,這可能會讓人感到沮喪。然而,有一個簡單的解決方案可以幫助解決這個問題。以下是解決問題的逐步指南:


  1. 切換帳號:

    • 首先通過遊戲介面登入一個新的 Steam 帳號。
    • 使用這個新帳號切換至桌面模式。
    • 如果切換成功,接著刪除位於 Home/.local/share/kscreenHome/.local/share/kscreen/outputs 的所有檔案(不包括資料夾)。
    • 為了安全起見,您可以選擇先將這些檔案剪下並備份到其他地方,然後再從原始位置刪除。
    • 備份後,切換回遊戲模式,登入原本出現問題的帳號,再次嘗試切換至桌面模式。問題現在應該已經解決。
  2. 對於已安裝 Decky 擴充套件框架的用戶:

    • 確保您已經安裝了 Decky 擴充套件框架,並且事先設定好 root 密碼。
    • 安裝 Decky Terminal 擴充套件。
    • 執行 sudo -i 登入 root,然後執行以下命令:
      cd /home/deck/.local/share/kscreen
      rm *
      cd /home/deck/.local/share/kscreen/outputs
      rm *
    • 執行這些命令後,關閉 Terminal 並再次嘗試進入桌面模式;問題應該已經修復。
    • 建議創建一個名為 fix.sh 的腳本檔案,包含上述命令並將其存放在 /home/deck/。記得使用命令 sudo chmod +x /home/deck/fix.sh 使腳本可執行。

按照這些步驟操作,您應該能夠克服 Steam Deck 上的黑畫面問題,享受無縫的遊戲體驗。