Vantage Theme Issue: Sticky Nav doesn't work on mobile view


Just simply comment out && !isMobileDevice, and it will work like a charm!

Github solved issue: #1

However, to do this directly on a theme However, to do this directly on a theme could be changed in any future updates is probably not a good idea.

Instead, we copy that .js file to our child theme js directory.
Then, we have to dequeue the original .js by inserting the commands to your child theme's functions.php:

function vantage_child_enqueue_parent_style() { wp_dequeue_script('vantage-main'); wp_enqueue_script('vantage-main', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/vantage-hollen-main.js', array( 'jquery' ) ) ; } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'vantage_child_enqueue_parent_style', 8 );

In this way, any future minor update pushed by Vantage Dev Team won't clear your modified code, as long as there won't be any structural changes, like ids's and/or classes' renaming.


It took me almost two hours at late night debugging (3 AM), and it almost got me: I thought it was caused due to the lack of support of $(body) and scrollTop() on mobile device. Tried so many solution to no avail, then I decided to go to sleep.
and you know what, I solved it in 30 minutes after having a lunch at noon.


Virtualization... According to the boss, it saves the company 170 USD per month

The company originally had more than 10 mainframes running VB6 software 24/7, and the mainframe architecture was N years ago.
The company was founded from 1993 to 2021 and no one has come forward to correct it...
So I took the lead in introducing VMWare Workstation for the company and tested the water temperature on Windows familiar to the supervisor and boss. They were very satisfied with Snapshop.

But, that's not enough!

Then I imported the ESXi OS, first moved an original VB6 program to the created virtual machine, and it ran without problems for two months.
Upward report, further proposed VCenter concept, taking into account multi-user management, automatic backup, performance monitoring and so on.
And from the original price housing group an AMD 5950X 32GB (dual channel) configuration.
It will be added to 64G (quad-channel) in early 2022.

It has been running for more than a year and is very stable.