A brief introduction~

Hi, I am Hollen9, the owner of the youtube channel, 好冷酒XD領域.
Operates a Youtube channel on the Internet that specializes in translating foreign films. The categories are not restricted, but most of them are ACG adaptation series.

At the bottom of the page, there are my personal pages of various social platforms (Twitter, Steam... etc.), welcome to know.

Normally, I am a software engineer, with front-end and back-end development and IT maintenance. For detailed experience, you can refer to myDevelopment experience, IT experience.


Playing video games, watching animations, programming (excluding problem solving) are the things I do most in my leisure time.

video game

The longest multiplayer game in my life is the CSGO community server. I have been playing it continuously since 2012 (the time of writing is 2022), and I have no interest in e-sports.

The longest-played single-player game is the entire series of Advance Wars on GBA and NDS. The game type is a turn-based strategic war chess game.

CSGO Community Server

I play a server where real players fight against a large number of AI robots, mainly operated by Japanese and Taiwanese netizens.
(Bold characters represent the most frequented servers at the time of writing.)

  • iNewsekai Server (Taiwan, has ceased operation.)
  • Planetia Mackerel (Japan, discontinued operation.)
  • ハイパーバトル Mackerel (Japan)
  • まめいろ Mackerel (Japanese, old name: enda mackerel / うめ mackerel)
  • Kuromekuro Server (Taiwan)
  • Kokko - Mackerel (Japan, private)

These servers all have one thing in common: they are all surrounded by Japanese and Taiwanese Internet culture, ACG, select various character modules, emit sound effects to reference specific episodes, excerpted lines from advertisements, etc.... Therefore, I I also learned a lot of Japanese from it, and made friends with many netizens from all over the world, such as the United States, South Korea, Germany, and Russia.

Among them, iNewsekai has helped to write Discord Bot, and proposed a more stable operating system Linux, and interacted with the server owner.

Kuromekuro occasionally assists the server master to write Pseudo Code for some functions, and then translates it into the corresponding SourcePawn or Python by himself. Occasionally help to debug, see where there are grammatical and logical errors, and assist in interpreting the official Documentation.

In fact, I have tried to build a development environment with WSL2, but at this stage (2022) there is no finished product, only hello-world.sp.


I find it very boring to solve problems. I used to be very bored when I was learning C/C++ every week in normal high school experimental classes.
After graduating from college, I tried to brush a few questions on LeetCode, but I still felt bored. I prefer to make practical finished products by hand, and maybe they can be commercialized; on the other hand, brushing questions is just repeating what everyone is already doing, and there is almost no room for creativity (Result is to be exactly the same, it is almost impossible to invent There are better algorithms than the best solution on the web.)

Even if it is software that writes customer needs according to Spec, it still retains some independent decision-making space, and it can still be creative to a limited extent and show personal characteristics.

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