Software Development Experience

I am a software engineer who does not limit themselves only doing backend or frontend.
Having experience in cooperative development and programming training with foreigners.
Being capable of basic comprehension of English for work, but still find it hard to talk about news fluently.
Technical discussions are not a problem though.

List of experiences

  • 6 years C# experience
    • 2 years Xamarin Cross-platform development (iOS + Android)
      • Xamarin Forms adopts MVVM pattern
      • useApple TestFlight platform
    • 4 years of ASP.NET development experience
      • MVC Architecture
      • WebForm
      • Restful API
        • Website back-end Refresh Token, Access Token user verification
        • LINE BOT robot
          • Automatic backup to Google Drive
          • Youtube Video to Mp3
          • Provide a third party to pass the message through Post Request (with the verification mechanism)
    • 1 year of Unity graduate production experience
      • LowPloy Architecture, Character 3D Modeling
      • Skeleton binding
      • unmap
    • Reverse compilation
      • IMSL - intel C# Math DLL
  • Two years of VB.NET experience
    • Webform Maintenance
      • Company Project .NET 2.0 to 4.0: Various Breaking changes
      • Syntax refactoring: The code left by predecessors rarely uses Class, and repeats a lot of programs
  • Two years of VB6, VBA experience
    • Chaining Restful APIs
    • Make Com-Visible C#.NET DLL
  • 5 years Javascript, CSS experience
    • react.js project development
      • Data monitoring website (instant alerts, earthquake waveforms, chart.js)
    • Vanilla JS, CSS3
      • Modernization of the company's legacy website interface
        • Bootstrap
        • FontAwesome
      • Userscript
      • Userstyle
  • 1 year Java - Android Studio - App program maintenance experience (add or remove functions, change interface)
  • 1 year node.js
    • Discord Bot
  • 2 years MSSQL design and maintenance experience
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Local DB such as SqlLite, LiteDB, MDB / AccessDB
  • MongoDB
  • VisualC++DLL
  • Assist high school students with Python problem solving